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Light AND Clay Ceramics
Angela Nicole Drew 

Angela is a Teaching Ceramic Artist living and working in Spokane, Wa. Her work is greatly influenced by the creation around her and faith-based principles. Having lived in both sunny southern California and in the wet Pacific Northwest Angela allows her experience along the west coast to shine through her functional pottery.

Being born in San Diego, Angela grew up playing in the sand at the beach and remembers making mud pies in her backyard at home. But ever since moving to Washington and taking her fist ceramic class in the 9th grade Angela has found a passion to work with her hands in the clay medium. After High School she began pursuing a degree in elementary education at PLU but found herself moving to Southern California and changing her major to work in ceramics once again. After receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Minor in Child Development Family Studies at California State University Long Beach she moved back to Washington State to be near family.


From 2008 to 2021 Angela spent most of her time at Open Arts Studio in Tacoma. Between managing the business and teaching students of all ages she continued her practice in making functional pottery. This is when she found a love for making planters and enjoying house plants in her own home as well.


These days Angela is teaching at a local Art Studio in Spokane (M.A.D. Co. Lab Studios) while continuing to create beautiful functional pottery. You can find her handmade work at Pottery Place Plus in Spokane. Her hope is to share her passion with others and spread the love of this medium.

Angela's future goal is to own her own studio where she can teach to those of all ages. A place where people in all levels of skill can feel welcome to learn or pursue their own goals in clay!

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